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My wife and I just purchased a base, X model Forester. Had a 4x4 truck, but now have a 1 year old who needs a back seat. My question is related to recommended tires.


We live in the sierra nevada foothills of California and my wife works at Yosemite National Park. Therefore, we drive in all weather conditions, including snow and mud. We also like to backcountry travel throughout the Intermountain West, including Nevada, Utah and the like.


We're wondering if anyone might have recommendations for tires that would not only handle mountain snow conditions without chaining up, but tires that also would have a better durability for off road travel. Would feel much more secure, too, if the tires were of the 6 ply variety, as blowouts in the middle of a Nevada on dirt roads is not a pretty thing for our family.


Sorry in advance if this is an often asked question. I did check the topics before making this one, but perhaps I missed it. Anywho, thanks in advance for all the help! I believe I will become a frequent visitor to the site :)

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The only all-season (and good one at that) tire that is rated as winter tire also is the Nokian WR. It can be a bit pricey but just shop around for it.

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