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Announcing the Innovate Motorsports Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter Group Purchase


Due to popular request, I am organizing a "Group Buy" for the LM-1 Digital

A/F Meter. At $349 (including the sensor) this unit has broken through the

previous price points for Wideband A/F monitoring and recently won the

"Technology Award for Best New Product-Performance

and Technology" at the recently concluded SEMA 2003 show.


To learn more about this product, you can visit Innovate's home page at:



There is also a technical discussion group for the product at:



Here's how the pricing works out:


if 5-10 units sold $335 (shipping included)

if 10 or more are sold $325 (shipping included)


Since I know none of us (including me), want to wait around very long on

this, I am keeping the sign-up window very short. Here's how it works:


1) Send me an e-mail (brad.anesi@netiq.com) no later than Tuesday (11/18)

indicating that you want to participate. All I need is your name & phone#.

Please, no "Maybe if I get some money together by next week I'll buy one",

just definite commitments.


2) On Tuesday evening, I will immediately let everyone know what discount

level we have met (I fully expect we'll hit the $325 price) and then I will

supply the discount code so that you can order on-line or call the order into

Innovate using a credit card. All transactions will be handled directly

with Innovate - I am NOT collecting any money, just organizing the group



That's it! Any questions, fire away!



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NO, I do not want a meter. Well, not just yet. I am eager to complement you on your approach, your TEAMWORK approach to get a good deal for EVERYONE. It could only happen on USMB!:banana:

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