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Re: 1995 Legacy L sedan.


Three more days and I will be able to address my new to me L and its maintenance needs, but for now this problem is a bit annoying and hoping you guys can point me in the right direction for the work on the car this weekend.


Basically whenever I am in the 70-75mph range I get a vibration that seems to be isolated to the front of the car. It happens while holding steady, accelerating into, or slowing down into that range. 75+ and 70- no vibrations and rides smoothly.


I have a Jeep and it is similar in feeling to what they call death wobble-- relating to any number of suspension things- alignment, control arms (bushings), etc. However, this is no Jeep :)


The tires that are on it are 185/70/14's and they are probably at the last quarter of their tread life, so I think these could be the culprit.


The 70-75mph only thing though kind of has me a little stumped though, and prevents me from totally committing to my above theory.


The suspension is stock with 149k on it, so maybe the bushings do need to be replaced in some areas?


Any help in places to start or words of encouragement are appreciated.

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Tires very very very easily are the cuprit. Rotate the tires front to back and see if it changes. If it changes (might vibrate differently), then tires are the problem.


If there is a howling sound when driving then wheel bearings are up for a change.


And check your tie rods, rack boots, ball joints and struts - any one of these can be a problem. Most likely some combination of them.

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