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The use of Seafoam spray on a Regular EFi engine, will clean up the excess of carbon Deposits, gum, varnish and other sludge buildup, from the upper engine and combustion chambers; while lubricates in the Process.


I did that, because the "KiaStein" has a problem with a Phantom P-0128 code on the ECU, that makes the ECU to think that the engine is running cooler than it should, making too much Carbon Deposits and if you let it idle for prolongated times, regularly, it will foul the Sparkplugs. 


The excess amount of carbon deposits had made a small but noticeable "Flat Spot" on the early acceleration of the T8D engine; when moving from a fully stop at idle, the car was making more noise than movement from idle speed to past 1400 RPM's; so this procedure was Necessary.

The results: No more rough idle, faster acceleration without flat spots, noticeably mainly while starting to move the car from low RPM's by recovering the low end torque; improved fuel consumption and less contamination; besides elongating the engine's lifespan. Search further information online. 

The total time to do this Cleansing, is around Half Hour, and the "KiaStein" really feels more peppy than before.   :burnout:

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