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Emails sent to Windshield Gasket buyers Achtung!

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Sent today:

Bryan T


Mike -renaisanceman

Jeff -MAV


Might have been one more.


You guys owe a little something towards shipping or for shipping and the gasket(s).


I used FedEx Ground on my account and got great rates.I rounded up the cents or may have tacked a buck or so on for Paypal fee,tape,gas,etc.


All things considered you're still not overpaying more than a couple of cents when it all boils down.No profit needed.You guys are all cool for making this happen and WE ALL SAVED BIG MONEY!!!!!:banana:


Just be sure to come through with the few bucks more needed to complete this circle of love.;) Gaskets are in boxes for you few and ready to go.the rest of you will be getting the same treatment.Look for emails coming,everyone involved,and please,let's wrap this up quickly.


I'd probably be able to handle the next batch if this mops itself up nice 'n quick.Otherwise,maybe Todd or someone else will handle it.


One last note.PRP only sent us 24,not 25 so I have credit on my account with them as of this moment.We will need to follow through with the next order soon to secure the price and most important,the availability,and to apply my credit toward a part instead of my credit card.That might mean 26 arriving,one of which is declared mine-paid for.


Thanks again,and we'll be in touch with each other soon.



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MAV,please contact me ASAP,thanks.


Everyone please pass along a phone number for FedEx Ground/HomeDelivery.


If you don't,I'll use my phone number just to complete the form.


Mike B in CA,you're all set and you will see my phone #

Grayson,you're all set too,I had your number already.


You two,and Bryan are getting theirs sent today.Working on others.Hang tight everybody.This being home crap keeps me too busy.:lol:


BT,got your # too.


I put you all down for the shipping notification so they'll send you the tracking link,one click,done.


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Sent them out today to Bryan,Grayson,Mike B in CA,and Jim C in NJ.


Thanks for all your cooperation.


Round two coming soon.Hope to finish the whole lot by next week.


Canadian order is boxed,just need to hit the P.O.:burnout:

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I will be looking forward to getting mine so I can get my Brat back out on the road and out of the garage during the winter.:)

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