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alternator plug wiring info needed in a bad way

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i went to replace my alternator plug today with a new one. i cut the old one off and when i got inside the plug crumbled instantly into pieces leaving me with only two wires. a black one and a white one. i *think* i recall how they go, but want to be sure before i put them together. if anyone knows, can check an FSM or can look, help me verify which wire goes to which terminal?


or can i test with a multimeter and verify some way?


i'm supposed to leave tonight at 6pm on a road trip....grrrrr.....i got 5.5 hours to figure this out.

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mikeshoup replied on the xt6 group:


"The bottom of the T is the smaller wire (goes to the dash light), and the larger wire is the top of the T (comes from the fusible links)"


worked like a charm! thanks mike!

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Lesson to be learned: snag a few spare harnesses (of various sorts) from the boneyard, so that next time you have a spare to look at (even if you dont want to install it)


I had the same question when swapping the nissan maxima alternator into my car.. but then looked and saw each had a REALLY thick wire in the T, and a really small one. that made it easy.

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