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quick gasket question....... ea82

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im getting a turbo ea82 motor for my 91 loyale wagon. im going to rebuild the motor, and just wondering what is different about the ea82 and ea82t gasket sets. i already know the intake and exhaust gaskets are different but what else is?

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I think the exhaust gaskets between the head and the y pipe are the same. Head gaskets had some different materials in the turbo ones, but their shape and thickness is the same. I always try to use turbo HGs on all the EA82s I work on. Other than the intake gaskets like you mentioned, the turbo engines have that oil separator plate on the back of the crankcase, while the n/a engines don't.

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Any more, turbo head gaskets are the same. SOA doesn't list a separate part between the two.


There are two intake gaskets for the EA82, the MPFI and Turbo use dual port, SPFI and Carb use single.

Exhaust manifold gaskets are the same.

All else is the same.

Turbos have extra gaskets for the exhaust that bolts onto the turbo, and copper washers for the coolant and oil pipes.


There could be a couple little things here and there?

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