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Before I jump in...

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I have a few final questions before I jump into the suspension swap and axles on the AWD '91 Leggy wagon.


1. Solved. $300 for 4 strut assemblies off of a 98 outback (springs, struts, and tophats).


2. Ever roll the fenders on a 91 legacy? How did it turn out?


3. Yes...I'll post pics when it's done ;).


Thanks for all the help Zapar, et al. You guys have been great.

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you can fit 27's without trimming or rolling the fenders after you install outback struts, so you dont really need to trim, after you install outback springs you will have more than enough clearance.

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Thanks. What about pushing my luck with 29s? I'm kind of looking for an excuse to trim them anyway :headbang: . I figure it might be a compression issue with the struts? Would the tires hit the trimmed fenders and also rub on the struts. The front of the rear fenders looks the most difficult to convince with a BFH. there appears to be avout 2 inches around each fenderwell I can cut and beat back with a hammer.



C'mon...let me beat on the car with a hammer. Please? I'd never do this to my Impreza :Flame::banana:

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