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cleaning an old engine?

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I have heard that cleaning the engine internals of carbon deposits can be accomplished with kerosene in engine and ATF down the carb throat. let it run to operating temp for awhile and then replace the oil and filter. This makes me wonder would it have any affect on the seals of this 20 year old engine. Or can someone suggest a better way to clean the engine internals.

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um 20yr old seals are probably shot anyways... not sure where you heard atf down carb throat, I think that would cause problems. What I do sometimes is run ATF or a quart of kerosene or so in with the old oil and filter between every other oilchange or so. Just let it sit and idle for 5-10 minutes or so and then drain the oil out immediately.


Although, even with an engine completely dissassembled, its next to impossible for me to completely remove all the old varnish and isht short of grinding everything off. (1981 ea81 w/ 167k miles)

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I've heard of the kerosene/ATF in the crankcase ran for a while, then oil/filter changed.


as for cleaning the top end, Seafoam is usually recommended for that. Some searches should yield more than you ever wanted to know about it :lol:



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Believe it or Not, you can Clean the Carbon Deposits that make some of the Weberized EA81`s and EA82`s to Dieselin` after Shut Off, by Just lettin` get down the Carb, at Normal Operatin` engine Temps, a litter of Pure Water -the one you`ll Drink- in this Procedure:


When engine is at normal Operatin` temps, remove Air Filter Box, and rev it to around 2,000 RPM`s, then drop Slowly a ounce of Water Right to the Carb, the Speed will down as the exhaust Emmissions will be Blackened...


When the Engine Returns to Normal Idle, drop other two Ounces, Slowly... And wait untill Engine back to Normal Idlin`


...Then Three, And Wait...


And so, Untill the Emmisions clear up, and It`s Done! :)


I think a Litter of Water will be far Enough...



it Work for Just Carbon Deposits, for Gum & Varnish, I use a "Motul Engine Clean" that mixes with Old Oil, 15 minutes before oil Change...



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