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I painted it! Pictures-56k bad

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Very badly!

But its much better than what it used to be like.

Used to have very nasty furry matt red primer/rust kill kinda stuff....

Now its $3 rattle can!

Whole car cost about $35NZ all up, clear coat, sand paper, colour, etc..

I was gonna pull the front bumper off to and see if I could run without it for a while, mighta looked cool. But its arc welded to the V-rusty chassis rails...Good times....

Not a wonderful job, but not tooo bad I reakon!.













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if all else fails camouflage it, my Lil subie is allot more rusty than that, i do all my body work with a can of expanding foam, works great and seals out most of the road dust,:headbang:

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I had thought about camo, it definately would hide some of the 'imperfections' a bit better than gloss does, Matt/flat camo that is.

Got the first mud on the paint today... Just a little 4wd splatter on the back from towing legacys...

I'd keep on driving it quite happily personally.... Buut, 6 monthly WOF (warrent of fitness) is coming up april 24th for it... And it is just kinda a little wee tiny bit impossible to pass, I don't know where on earth the previous owner got warrents, but it musta been dodgy as ****.

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It is definately an improvement, and for $35, a bargain. Another good idea would be to paint the wheels a nice, bright, glossy white. I painted mine, (badly I might add), and it looks a whole lot better. Although, make sure you use some tough paint, I used Rust-oleum, and it is already coming off! Oh well, cost me about $10 for all four wheels, so it isn't too bad, I'll just re-paint them this summer:-p.

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