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NW SVX (http://www.nwsvx.com) has been working on a list of events for the coming year. The list is of course subject to change, but it's a good representation of what we are planning.


December 2003 – Tech Day & BBQ (Date subject to change)

This will be an all day meet where we can learn and share different maintenence and repair techniques. And enjoy a potluck or BBQ.


January 2004 – Awards “Banquet”

This will hopefully become an annual dinner held every year at the end of December/beginning of January. We will recap the year and give out awards in various categories.


Spring 2004 – Puget Sound Tour

This will be a "mirror event" to the Fall Colors Tour. Same concept, just opposite time of year and a different locale.


Summer 2004 – Camping Tour

Back by popular demand, we will do a summer driving tour with an overnight stay at a campground.


July 2004 – SVX Tour to PNWSEC West Coast Subaru Show


August 2004 - Seafood Meet

Another back-by-popular demand event, word is that we will be able to enjoy another seafood feast out at Dabob Bay.


Sep/Oct 2004 – Fall Colors III

The now famous event.


Dec 2004/Jan 2005 – Awards Banquet



Again, everything is subject to change, but some of these events are already in the works. Our new goal is to get events established as soon as possible so members have adequate time to plan for them. In addition to the above, there may or may not be other events, such as more tech days, small local get togethers, a joint event with another car club, etc. Questions or ides can be sent to events@nwsvx.com.


Thx for helping us spread the word.

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