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Shuffle mode and weatherband on 2002+ stereos

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Looks like I'm replacing the in-dash CD changer on my 2001 outback. (Single-DIN, separate from the radio/tape deck) I'm looking for plug-and-play at junkyard prices, but it sounds like most any of the much more common, newer units will go in without trouble.


I like the weatherband feature on my radio. Do any of the newer 2-DIN combined radio/CD units get weatherband?


I like the feature of some changers, that in random shuffle mode the CD changer will randomly switch disks, not just switch tracks on the current disk. Do the newer combined in-dash units do that? Can I get that feature with the under-seat changer option and existing radio, or does the radio control the shuffle behavior?

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I am pretty sure my 05 wrx changer can be set to shuffle one disc or all of them. No weatherband though.

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