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Took the Brat out yesterday .....:) ( Long )

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Just had to share......:D


Went out for a day with my Honey yesterday,


We decided to take the Brat out with the winter tires on it and See how far up towards Summit Lake we could get......We've had about 2 feet of snow up at that elevation.....:slobber:


Well.......We had a fellow club buddy along with his Lifted Wagon, And we all decide to head up there......


Got to the Parking area for all the Snowmobilers, and drove past all of them as they Gawked at us.......:moon:

This was about 15 miles from the lake still.....and still on the main paved road.....:-p


So we Cruise in, and at the dirt road intersection, we bump into a Snowmobile With 2 guys on it coming off the Mountain......they say we wont get far, and that they had run out of gas in one machine way up near the lake........

So of Coarse we said " SEE YOU UP THERE........":wave:


We head in, and about 3 miles in, The wagon Spun out , and in the process of trying to get out of the heavy show, he stuck his.....So I go to turn around, and Got over zealous in the Manuever and Whipped my Brat right into the Heavy too......Now, up here at this elevation we are in almost 3 feet of the white stuff.... :D


So I had to brake out my Winch, Pulled out, went down, pulled him out......Turned myself back around, and Away we went back up the Mountain.....


In the Time this took, we had 4 more machines coming down the Mountain, and we got the Wow's, and your Crazy and one "Can't believe you got those Subaru's in this far"....:)


So we Poke on up the mountain, and get to the Broke down Snowmobile waiting for Fuel......Drive on up past it, get to the Lake....VERY PRETTY ......

Had Lunch, And headed back down the mountain......


Get to the Dead Snowmobile and the guys had just got back to it with Fuel.....as We come up on them, they just shake their heads in dis-belief......:confused:


Head on down Past them once we know they are good to go, and got back down onto the Main paved road....


Then I Got all Rally Motivated, and was running at about 45-60 in 4-Hi Getting all crazy and Crossed up.....


Wish I had brought the Video Camera, as Once while I was attempting to get it broke loose and Sideways doing 50 or so I actually Lost most of the Control factor , and Fishtailed it back and forth about 4 times before almost stuffing myself in the Ditch doing a Full 360 and then bringing it almost back out of it in the right direction, and only getting to about 90 from true, Doing a full sideways power drift down the road trying to get it back around straight.....Only managing to power it closer and closer to the ditch......So I locked it up, Stopped just short of the ditch, Cranked the wheel, and Mashed on it again....All this done on about a foot of packed snow and ice.....:burnout:


Wife was Laughing and Punching me.....I was grinning from Ear to Ear


Bud in the Wagon behind me when I did this was just shaking his head saying he just knew I was going in the Ditch.......


All in all, Had a AWESOME day

Made a few Believers....:)


and I can't wait till the 6th of December for the X-mas tree run.....:santa:


Later for Now


John in Oregon......

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You go boy. (not sure I believe you without pics to prove it, especially from a "rookie" poster. :B)

Sounds like the fun I had yeserday. I was keeping it a little more mellow with my rally stuff though. Just me and the missus and my busted knee if I got stuck.

Did have two 20 foot tow straps and the 12 foot 4k lb come-a-long behind the seat though. AND a shovel.

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I do have the pics, But they are on a 35mm roll......I forgot the Digicam yesterday...:(


I'll post a few as soon as I get the Disc and Pics back...:)

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