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Who's got a wiring diagram for the stereos in 90 Subaru Legacy's?


I just replaced my older eclipse head unit with a premier p880prs and my settings won't stay when the car is off.


I checked all the wires with a multimeter with the ignition off and none of them have 12volts. One wire had about 2volts in it but none have a constant 12v to save the settings and the clock on the cd player.


I checked the radio fuse in the fusebox and it's perfectly fine. The eclipse head unit worked fine and all the settings stayed in the cd player and I hooked the pioneer deck up with the same wires!


What the hell happened here?!


Of course, the subaru wires are not color coordinated at all. None of the wires are the right colors as most head units are. For instance a pair of speaker wires would be something like a green wire with a brown stripe mathed with a blue wire with a yellow stripe. It makes no sense at all! I don't have the manual so I don't know how to look them up but it wouldn't do me any good because I already checked all the wires with the multimeter 3 times and none of them have a signal while the car is off.


This is really frustrating and it pretty much makes the head unit's features useless because who wants to sit and tune the system every time you start the car?!

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In North America, 1993 and 1994 Legacies and Justies carried over the pre-1993 connector (actually a two-plug set). Here's a picture from Crutchfield.com of the corresponding wiring adaptor for those models/years:




(click thumbnail for their product page, with more info and larger pictures).


Here's the pin-out for that older style of radio connector.

Between that and David Carter's site I was able to make a harness without a problem.

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