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Installing CD changer in 98 Outback


The factory head unit I have is a single disc with tape

and weather band...


I want to add a 10 disk FM Modulator Cd Changer to my factory head unit.. is this easy enough to do myself… Since my factory unit does not have RCA plugs do I need to splice into the existing wires? Any help info would be great…

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The FM modulated CD changer plugs into the FM antenna plug, no need to splice audio wires.

I did have to splice into the power wires to power it up.


I mounted the changer on the passenger read folding seat, inside the trunk. Then I ran the wire under the seat, under the carpet and the shifter console, into the radio console. The FM modulator is sitting in the glove compartment.


The storage bin in the middle is pretty easy to remove.


Hope this helps.

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