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Modifying the Rear Spindle's Locking System


(for Front wheel Drive -2WD- EA82 Subarus)




When is Needed to do Service on Ball Bearings or Brake Pads / shoes on the Rear wheels of a Front Wheel Drive -2WD- EA82 Subaru, you'll notice that the Drum / Disc is held in place by a simple Nut which is prevented from spin freely by a Locking twistable Washer that Locks everything, and with time and repeated Twistings on and off, such washer trend to Break. th_thdizzy.gif


Sometimes is even worse, the worn Washer Breaks / Fails \ Loosens the Nut while the Car is in Motion and it Makes the Bearings to Loose its tightness and can lead to a Huge Bearings Fail, Damagin' the Spindle and even it can lead to Loose a Wheel and Make a Huge Fat Crash... 

So, I Decided to get rid of the Washer Locking System, for a More Safer Option: I installed a Safer "Castle" Nut instead of the regular Nut, and I Drilled a Transversal Hole to the Spindle, where the castle nut settled, to Cross both the Castle Nut and the Base with a twistable Nail. 
Images Worth thousands of Words... See:


Drilled the Transversal Hole on the Spindle, and placed the New Castle Nut





Closer Perspective:





Already with the Nail Crossed and Twisted:





Finally, with the Original Cap ...th_dance9bh.gif... it Works Great!





Finding a Castle Nut with same Thread and with Small Width to fit there, was very hard, I Found mines on an aftermarket store; the salesman told me they belongs to the steering arms of a '97 impreza ¿ :confused:?


I Hope this Idea Could Help Many FWD Subies Owners ... th_thidea.gif ...

Kind Regards.

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Important Note:  Such modification works identical with Drum or Disc brakes' setups, as long as both are for Front wheel drive EA82's ... However, these ideas might work on other cars' models; remember: Use this Ideas at your Own Risk!


I Changed the Drums with Discs using the same modified Spindles, as you can Read more info and see Photos, Here:


~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/109931-public-thanks-to-a-great-friend-rear-disc-brake-swap/


Such modification works identical with Drum or Disc brakes' setups. 



Also you can see on the above photos, How I Redrilled the Lug Pattern on the Hubs of my beloved Subaru "BumbleBeast" from 4X140 to 4X114.3 ... th_thi-m_so_happy.gif... I did that since year 1996 in order to let my Subie use more "Standard" Rims, it has been working Flawlessly since then; you know how hard is to find a good set of Rims in the original Subaru's 4X140 lug pattern, other than 13" ... only Peugeot & Citröen rims are rare-to-find alternatives; so I redrilled the Hubs and got rid of that problem, forever... 




Kind Regards.


► Edited to Update the Web Links, due to the New USMB's system.

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