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MN: Iron Range Offroad Open House, May 19

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The North Shore Wheelers are planning to have two guided trail rides at the Iron Range ORV Recreation Area in Gilbert, MN for the open house, with a brief presentation on Responsible Wheeling and Trail Safety. The two trail rides will be at 10 AM and 1 PM and will meet in the parking lot. For those that don't know on the 3rd Saturday in May every year the Park in Gilbert is open to the public to check out for free. This year that happens to be May 19th.


Anyone is welcome to come along. The Guided rides will keep to the simplest and most scenic of trials. But the rest of the park will be open all day as well, so there are plenty of places for some more extreme trails.


if anyone is interesting in coming, or has any questions about the event, feel free to let me know.

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bump, less than a week away!



going to be a photo finish whether the yota makes it or not....but I'll be there, and so will a few buddies (including the current owner of the PoopenVagon, a guy from the cities with an Outback, and possibly a stock '84 brat).

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