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This past weekend I took a little road trip over to US HWY129 through Deal's Gap. Anyone who knows this road, knows it's called "The Dragon". Anyone who's been there knows why! All I can say is 318 turns in 11 miles. The road is world famous in motorcycle circles.

The trip was great, we had a blast. We followed a 350Z down most of it, going at a respectable pace. We pulled over to let a road hogging Ford get a lead & I met the Z's driver, Dave. I didn't get any digi pics, I forgot the camera. We did grab a "fun saver" so when I get them developed, I'll post scans. That is if there's any interest.

Saturday's Dragon food consisted of one Hayabusa bike, one Harley,and one F-250


killboy.com got a great shot of Kat accelerating out of a turn...



Moonshine Photography caught Dave & I braking into a corner.


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Nice looking wagon, is it fully stock?

Yeah she's 100% the way she rolled off the line in LaFayette Ind. From what I gather, she's a bit rare, being a '97 LSI. She's got 120k on her, but runs like 20k.

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