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Brand of paint Subaru uses at Indiana factory?

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Does anyone know what brand of paint Subaru uses at the factory in Indiana for Outbacks? (DuPont ?, Sherwin Williams ?, etc.)


I need to get a qtr panel repainted. Instead of just letting the body shop use whatever paint they happen to carry, I'd prefer to have them use the same brand and type that they put on at the factory. The car has only 350 miles on it and unfortunately needs a new qtr panel. Would like to keep it as close to factory new as possible, including the paint.


Any insight is welcome.

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The brand doesn't really matter as much as the color code. As long as the color code is matched exactly, the paint should too--or if you want to be really particular, ask if they have a BARCO color calibrator that they can match the paint off of.


As for what kind: The cheap stuff. (See the thread on the newer Legacy models for info on orange-peel paint on US-made Soobs.)

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