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I am JUST :-\ Looking at a used, 2000 Forester, Manual tranny, High miles but taken care of... I have never driven one nor know much about them.... seems clean and all sounds normal.... anything I should be looking for outside the obvious?


also; what engine are in these.... single cam with non-interferance or double if you lose a belt the engine is toast.... also about motor replacement ie repairs... is it a whole new ball gave vrs the ea-82's.... thinking when the high-millage eng is ready for replacement etc... or any future work going to be done at the dealer...


(I keep telling myself I am only looking...:rolleyes: ) D'oh....

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Sure just looking....I told myself that and before I knew it I had three.


Forester has the phase II 2.5L unless someone put a 2.2L or other engine in for some reason. All 2.5L's are interference, sohc and dohc. Phase II has the possible external peeping of coolant so make sure to use the coolant conditioner. Who just had that nice writeup about how to change the coolant each year and use two bottles of the conditioner to prevent the leaks (subaru master technician I think it said?)


It's probably an sohc, but you can tell by looking at the timing belt covers. The dohc covers are kind of bulging top and bottom to fit the cam sprockets. The pics below are of a dohc (from the EndWrench dual cam timing belt article)




What trim level does it have?


Cars101.com: 2000 Forester:

Engine - Phase II 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, 16 valve Single Overhead Cam Boxer engine, Horsepower: 165 hp, 166 foot pounds of torque at 4000 rpm


Forester L model - 4 channel ABS. Vented front disc with dual caliper piston and rear drum.

Forester S model - 4 channel ABS. Vented front disc with dual caliper piston and rear disc


L: 15" steel wheel / Tires 205 / 70R 15 Raised white letter -

S: 16" alloy wheel / Tires - 215 / 60R 16" Raised White Letter


S forester adds over L model:

16" alloy wheels (L has 15" steel)

Rear disc brakes (L has rear drums)

Velour cloth interior (L has a harder finish)

Slate lower accent (L is unpainted charcoal finish)

Radio antenna inside left rear cargo area glass (L has mast ant on right fron bumper)

All Weather Package: larger outside defrosting mirrors, heated front seats, windshield wiper de-icer, limited slip rear differential Limited slip new for 2000. (not available on L

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EJ25. interference engine. headgasket issues are a concern of mine. it's a rather large job, $1,500 at a dealer. i'd look for signs that the gsaket has been replaced. if not, i wouldn't get it unless it's a really, really good deal. read up about the EJ25 headgasket issue if you're not familiar with it. i have two sitting in my garage right now....


with high mileage and being an interference engine you'll want to make sure the timing belt is new, the water pump is new and check all the timing pulleys. there are a number of them and i can almost gaurantee the sprocketed pulley at least needs replaced. the tensioner would be a good things to replace as well if you want to keep the vehicle a while. any one of these pullies fails and that will likely cause the belt to break as well. even at 80,000 i'm usually replacing at least one due to noise, play or lack of grease. with "high mileage" i'd expect a few.

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I also recomend making a Surprise visit- This, to hear the car start from cold.

If you notice a loud, deep knock, that mostly goes away later, it could be the dreaded piston slap- Run and not walk away. :dead:

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Quick overview of SOHC 2.5L ( and I'm certain there are things I missed or will think of later )


1999 was the first year. Found in the Forester and Impreza lines. Had a MAF managed fuel system.


2000-2001 changed to MAP system. Engine mechanically remained the same.


2002-early 2003 builds. Changed PCV system and internal breathing passages in the block. EGR returned on ALL models.


late 2003 to 2004 changed the piston design again to help with the piston slap problem. Also valve changes.


2005 on went to Drive by wire, intake redesign, Variable valve timing and an overhaul of the MAP engine controls to further meet ULEV emissions standards.

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