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Indrid cold

Holiday traveler (fixed) back on the road!

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Hey all,


Was driving by my local parts dealer and saw a 91 Wagon, EA-82 in parking lot with hood up.... hmmmm... so I pulled in.


Older guy on his way back to Idaho (Sandpoint) from a trip to California, he blew a radiator hose, he changed the hose so when he filled it up it was dribbling out directly under radiator, the engine is dry, no leaks at the little hoses on the engine, or water pump 90 deg. The upper heater hose was major split...and now radiator leaking.


I found it strange that the heater hose blew AND the radiator failed at the same time.... :confused:


by the time I got too him he all ready had called in a mechanic and it is hot out and I had my kids in my roo (no a.c.) so I left him my name and number if he needed a place to crash etc...


I am curious about both failing at the same time???? coincedance or is there more at work here then this NOOB doesn't see... like bad head gasket and it over pressured system and blew things apart? or was it more likely both the radiator and hose were ready to go and their they went?


any Ideas? .:confused:

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I suppose that there is a non zero possibility that his HGs were bad... and if he overheated in the midst of all this, that nonzero becomes fairly substantial. Warn him to keep an eye out for bubbling into the radiator overflow... and let him know that IF the mechanic tells him he has a bad HG then there is a good chance that he is NOT being bilked. IN the case that the mechanic tries to get him to do the headgasket, have him request the cylinder compression numbers from the mechanic. Anything over 100psi is "acceptable" as long as the numbers are fairly close to each other... within 10-15%. in other words, 110, 115, 115, 125 == acceptable.. 180, 180, 175, 145 == not acceptable.


+1 to you for helping a brother out!!!:clap:

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Thanks for the reply.

I can assume that it must have been a fluke that both blew at the same time as I really couldn't think of what would cause that but if anyone would know, it would be on this board.


I called him, he is back on the road. He said it took the mechanic about an hour and $300.

Replaced radiator, coolant, lower hose, cap and new clamps. He said the engine gauge is running cooler then before.

The Old man and the 91 Wagon will have done about 2,000 miles when he gets back home.

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