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4EAT duty c solenoid & Clutch pack replacement.

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Yeah, it's a pretty good (old) thread. I wish it was complete with pics and a solid ending. I have read it several times. Still alot of good info.

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you're going to have to watch for a very long time.


this thread is 4 years old.


I know but it's also the best thread I've found thus far on the subject and I have a necessary interest in it. Hoping to Frankenstein the thread...

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Just picked up a 98' Outback Sport with.. a lot of miles.


Working to fix it up for a daily driver but noticed this "torque bind" issue that is apparently a common problem - this thread and other various links found throughout the web are helpful. I didn't really notice any type of sporadic or severe malfunction of the AWD system; I just thought I had a cusco front and rear LSD and a DCCD on full lock installed on what I thought to be a stock OBS I bought from an old lady, as soon as I made the trip out of my driveway. lol


I'll try to see if I can post a few pics to add to the thread, since i'm in the process of fixing mine too. hah.


My MAIN problem, is how the frick do you change the reduction gear? I haven't asked the dealer if you buy the whole shaft, gears and all, but it does seem a bit tough without the special puller shown in the FSM.


I'd like to replace wearable parts associated with the transfer clutch system (awd) within reason to ensure trouble-free operation for the remaining life of the vehicle, so I was planning on replacing - the grooved reduction gear, clutch pack, transfer piston seal, and the duty solenoid c. I guess those are the basic parts that should be replaced, no?


Note: The FSM i'm using is for the 99-00' Impreza, and I think the transmission is not exactly the same as the 4eat in my 98' OBS. I noticed various differences, and one is that my transmission does not have an external spin-on oil filter, nor does it have as much sensors. The duty c solenoid also seems to look different in the FSM then the one I have on my car. This might make it a little harder for me, and I hope it doesn't screw me up too bad. The basic design is the same, but I don't know if there are different gaskets or gasket / seal design changes in the various transmission revisions.


This is the Reduction Gear as shown in the FSM. (# 4)




This is mine, grooved as you can see.




This is a picture of the extension housing .. includes the clutch pack and everything behind the reduction gear side.




And mine.. most have already seen this same picture a zillion times.. :D

You can't really see if the clutch pack is worn just by looking at it, I guess. Who knows.



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the most common repair is to use a dremel and smooth out the grooves. there is a good write up on it somewhere.


the other parts, clutch discs and duty c are all available at the dealer.


but i'm not 100% sure the grooves cause binding., but i don't know. i thought they caused a slow to engage AWD . but sa long as you have it open you may as well address it.

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this thread is more than 7 years old,

i doubt andyjo is going to respond.


having said that

it is highly likely it is a 95 - 99 auto trans,

lego or impreza does not matter,

they are the same.


what are you working on?

and kudos for using the search function.

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I have a Legacy GT 2.5 L 1997. So I think this one describes my trans.


Question, on the on line stores I have two options for the solenoid, one is just the solenoid and other is the solenoid attached to a small metallic piece that sits on the case (I think that is the duty valve). I'm thinking I just need the solenoid (that of course is cheaper). What do you recommends? Look at the illustration, is the highlighted.




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