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Fun Run at Cayote Ridge...

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Hey All,


In case anyone wants to do some wheelin' this weekend, the annual fun run at Cayote (spelling???) Ridge is this coming Sat and Sun (Dec 6th and 7th) There's gonna be close to 300 rigs and about 700 people. Lotsa hardcore jeeps and toyotas and I think we need to represent the hardcore Soobs. Most of us Northern Alliance guys are gonna be there but we can always use a few more. I'm hoping to make a strong showing so if you want to and/or can go...let's do 'er.




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I second that. Just did a bunch of Google searches and didn't find anything about offroading at a Coyote Ridge in Washington. Also searched TopoZone and found Coyote Ridges in three counties, all of them east of the cascades. Sounds like a good time though so tell us more.

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