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Hello folks,

I have a '91 Legacy I bought to put the motor in a VW Vanagon, but I was lately thinking about using the Subaru as a car.

The front pulley bolt had come loose and the key way(s) were damaged, it was cheap & I towed the Legacy home.

I just pulled the engine and the flex plate was still attached to the torque converter but it had ripped itself loose at the engine in a ring around those 8 bolts.

This is only the 2nd Subaru engine I've pulled apart...

Is this a common thing?

Any idea 'why' this happened?

Is the transmission (2wd) trashed?

Does this point to more engine damage?





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the flywheel sheeared off, outer ring remaining on the torque converter and rest remaining on the engine? that is definitely not common, i would bet someone did something to cause that.


neither is trashed. replace the flexplate and fix the crank and you're golden. there's a company that makes a kit to repair damaged cranks, or just make it work yourself it's not all that complicated.


be very careful seating the transmission, they are very tricky to seat the final 1/4". tons of information on here, i've posted about a dozen times, just don't assume it's seated when it won't go further and don't tighten the bolts to pull it the final 1/4". there's a geared shaft end that needs to engage and it won't until it lines up just right for that last 1/4". do it wrong and you're looking at replacing the trans oil pump (not fun) if not the entire trans.

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Bet ya the dowel were not in place , that is usually what takes out the flex plate (see attached located at arrow) Causes the alignment between the engine and the transmission to be off centre and stresses the flex plate



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