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Whiteline sway bar mounting on a Brat

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This would work okay on '84 wagon; not sure how it would work on an early hatch.


Qman and I mounted the Whiteline rear swaybar to my '84 Brat today. It took a bit of figuring as to the best way to install it, but it's on and doesn't rub anywhere or clunk on anything while I'm driving. I'm writing this up since there were no directions for specific installation on this model Brat and there may be more Brats (or early '80s EA81 models) out there that could use this modification. Once we figured out how to mount it, it took about an hour to complete the job.


The swaybar looks like a large mis-shapen letter "V" and is mounted with the point of the "V" toward the front of the car and hung by u-bolt hangers to the torsion bar. The "V" has a slight bend near the front and that bend needs to be mounted to point upwards (down will cause the bar to rub on the driveshaft). Also, the u-bolt hangers shouldn't point straight down but rotate slightly toward the front of the car to allow the point of the "V" to clear the front of the torsion bar adjuster.


The rest of the installation involved drilling two holes near the lower shock mounts to attach right angle brackets. We mounted the brackets upwards to allow more ground clearance at the end of the links that attach to the ends of the sway bar. Pictures explain this much better than a verbal description. See them at the link below:



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