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Loads of Information on mods and stuff (newer gen)

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error using the above URL, this one works: http://www.northursalia.com/techdocs/techdocs.html


index of links:


Alignment Specifications

Boost Conversion Chart

Decoding your VIN number

Drivetrain Cutaway Drawings

Engine Specifications

Front Suspension: Exploded View With Torque Specifications

Headlamp Comparison Page

How To "Read" Engine Vaccuum

How To "Read" Spark Plugs

Impreza Model Codes

Impreza Model History

Impreza Production Numbers

Manual Transmission Shifter Assembly: Exploded View

OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Programming Keyless Entry Remotes

Spoiler Comparion Page

Spring Rate Chart

Subaru PDF Technical Documents

Suspension Setups: How To Increase or Decrease Oversteer/Understeer

Swaybar Size Table

Torque Conversion Chart

Transmission Information Chart

Wheel Comparison Page

Wiring Guides




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