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roofrack alternative

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The other day it occurred to me that I could Herculiner the roof of my wagon, insert a few rivnuts in the roof to receive some eye bolts and then strap a spare an other stuff directly to the roof instead of using a rack.


I don't think I'll do it because (1) it would be hot and I don't have AC and (2) it would be pretty ugly, but I thought I'd throw it out there FWIW


OTOH, you can get Herculiner in gray now, which would not be as hot as black and wouldn't look that bad on the roof or my silver wagon. Hmmm...

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Herculined roof??? I think your on to something! Great idea!


I wouldnt strap stuff directly to the roof tho, it really doesnt support much wieght.


Now THIS will support some wieght!



Its hurculined, and i can sit in it. I think it'll support alittle more than just the roof.



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Yea, you are right. I was kind of tired when I posted and did not think about the roof's ability to bear weight until I re-read my post and your response this morning.


I was looking at my wagon this morning and it is still too good looking IMO to do something like herculining the roof. Most of the paint is still pretty good. It will look great after a wash and wax.


What kind of rack do you have? I need something like that...

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