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tahuya atv run report

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well it rained... i got wet and everything is wet... went up friday, setup camp rode the trails around camp. but not to far cause i was waiting for my g/f to arrive. i definately need to get a full set of rain gear. and new boots. cause mine are no longer water proof...... saturday the other friends that were coming showed up late. we rode the whole overland trail to the gravel pit, then wound up on the overland trail to the bridge closer. tried finding the salmon trail to get back to camp from the gravel pit. so many mislabeled user built and main trails north of the gravelpit... got weaved all over the place. finally found it. took it to mission creek made a loop back to camp. whoops suck with a passenger... it preceded to torential down poor on us... sunday morning we packed up, and headed to the gravel pit to play around for a few hours before we left. people were bump jumping the little whoop access road into the pit. sketchy jumps, with no air. my buddy took my shovel and made a safer lip to a safer landing. it was hit.







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Great pictures! I bet you got some good looks when you were driving your roo with the trailer being pulled behind it! Your car looks great as does the 4wheelers.:burnout:

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