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AC Evaporator refit.

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The complete replacement of the 97 Legacy AC system was successful, running for a week in hot weather.


Everything was pretty straightforward and easy, except the evap coil.


The only available part did NOT have the correct threaded end to match the original low pressure suction hose. The large aluminum tube is 5/8 diameter.


I had to decide whether to replace the hose, or modify the evaporator end. I purchased a Mcmaster Yor-lok (2 compression cones on each end, like a swage-lok) compression fitting 5272K228 for $13 (http://www.mcmaster.com/nav/framewor...ew=2D&size= 2)

cut the two ends of the old and new evaporator outlets, cleaned up the ends and connected them. (Large brass double ended connector at middle right side of coil.)



It works very well. Note the cut off end to the side of the pic. I had to think about it a week before I cut into a $200 brand new part. I figured it was worth the risk since it should be subject to not much more than 50 psi.


When installing the swage-lok, I cleaned up the tube ends, lubed the parts with PAG oil, and crimped it just tight enough to convince me. The aluminum tubes are quite thickwall and somewhat malleable, so combined with the brass it got a good seal. I was worried about the weight a little, but it's not an issue since the connector end is supported when put in the case and the car.

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