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Still can't get the climate control to come alive. Any ideas??

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The fan speed switch only worked on 3 or 4 before. But now none of them work. I can hear the air switching the venting from defrost to heater and what not. So I know I have vacuum to the climate control unit. Also, when I would switch on defrost or AC it would supply vacuum to the AC Kick-up solenoid. Now it doesn't. I checked the fuses they are fine. I checked all four of the relays that reside directly behind the fuse block, they appear to be fine, didn't test them just inspected them. I am at a loss. All this happend after I installed a new stereo on Monday. I didn't mess with any wiring though. Just the original radio wiring. Any other directions I could head here?? :cornfuzz: :cornfuzz: :cornfuzz:


Thanks in advance.



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GB, the juice is now your problem, before you kind of mis lead in the fact the vent system was not switching either.

You installed a new stereo so you must know your way around a multimeter. Here is a diagram of the ac circuit Hope it helps


Start trouble shooting at the plug for the blower (under the glove box) sounds like you may have inadvertantly disconnected the blower switch during the instal. Some cars also had an inline fuse for blower control.

You also need a new resistor block to fix the speed problem.

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