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Frankenwagon suspension build-up

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one awsome lookin Loyale/GL. i was thinking of doing some of that. but i already started making her into a monster. (so far monster stuff didnt cost me anything)


but first i gotta get body Repaired. and mechanical things.


Before Pic



Now Pic


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Hey chux just curious. What size tires did you have on it before. When you were running the 16" wheels from a impreza i believe.





stock WRX wheels and tires. 205/55r16 RE92s. my track tires are 225/55r16s (yes, they fit, even lowered. although rub on the rear trailing arms under hard cornering with the 16x6.5s. they'll be on 16x7s this year). streets are 215/45r17 and snows are 205/65r15.

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Im looking to go 16x7 and was wondering what size tire to run where they didnt look to skiny on the rim and to wide to cause rubbing and sidewall sliceing. I will be at stock height though (for the moment:grin:)

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funny wagon looks funny :confused:



swapping back to 4-lug. got the 3.9 rear end in, and 4-lug drums back on. obviously the gear ratios and tires don't match, so I left the rear axles out and locked the center, so it'll be FWD until I get the new engine/trans and front suspension swapped back.


took a picture of the miata shocks/coilover springs compared to the stock rear stuff:



car handles pretty goofy now....front sway bar is disconnected, turbo sedan rear bar. 250lb/in springs in the front, stock in the rear. RS 2-piston front brakes, GL drum brakes in the rear. 205/65r15 blizzaks on the front, 185/70r13 POS tires in the rear.....


also improved my work conditions. went to Northern tool and grabbed this 10'x20' canopy on sale:



and the parts car making it possible:


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