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'87 Justy GL Suspension Upgrade

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I'm new to the board & this is my first post. I bought an '87 Justy GL about a month ago and I LOVE IT! I was just searching for a little daily driver and this is what I found. It needed a little TLC,came with a full roll cage & a set of 5-point harnesses. I found that the owner before the guy I bought it from was in the middle of prepping it for rallying. He dropped out of college & Dad sold his car,(punishment???). Well after some tuning,cleaning, & painting I ended up with a cool/quick little car for $700!!! (actually I call it my $695 car after cleaning at least $5 worth change out of it!) Well, enough of the blah,blah,blah! I competed in my frst SCCA auto cross thi past Sun. & I'm hooked! Finally my question, anyone out there have any info on upgrading/modifying the struts and or suspension? I'd like to be able to have something I can adjust. Any help would be appreciated!



Ray :confused:

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