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info on suburu swap 85 westy with siezed engine...please.

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the engine on my 85 westy siezed and I need to put a new engine in her. i would like to put a new engine so am considering the suburu 1.8L as suggested by my vw mechanic friend. I am looking for some feedback form others who have gone this route. I'm also interested in any upgrades that I may be able to do while putting the new motor in for better performance, power, ect. Thank you for the help.

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You want an EJ22. Thats a 2.2L engine from a 90-94 Legacy.


www.smallcar.com vendor with some of the nicest conversion pieces.

www.kennedyeng.com vendor to get most of the kit pieces and supppliment with above and below vendors for a few nice upgrader pieces.

www.mastercraftmotors.com Nice vendor with more reasonable prices than top guy place but smallcar has a nicer website.

www.Subaruvanagon.com website with 2 enthusiests who describe the conversion and then a link to a Yahoo club that has lots of members. Just dont believe all that you read.


If you want the wiring harness converted I do that. PM me.

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