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turbo fun (tonight's lesson in ihi turbos)

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So I decided to tear into a spare (thanks wjm) RX turbo and one from a turbo legacy that I had here at the house. Here are the pics:




I have decided I'm not so sure it is worth it to modify/adapt etc the leagcy's turbo to fit the ea82t. I think time/money would be better spent having the stock ea82t's turbo clipped/polished/etc. And if you wanted more than that, it would be best to move along to replacing the stock up-pipe flange to accept a td04 & replace the stock downpipe to fit. So first step for me is send away a stock ea82 turbo to a friend who does the 'monster td04's' for the wrx. I will let him work his magic on it. Hopefully I'll have this done in time for our January dyno day. I'll plan to run first thing in the morning on the stock turbo, then switch while others get some dyno time, then do some pulls with the revamped turbo. I hope to then look into changing the flanges and go with a td04. But all in due time. lol..... Anyway, take a look at the photos, chime in if you have played with these things yourself and have an opinion, and pay close not to the measurements taken of the fresh air and ehxust inlet housings, as they really are not much different in size.



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with ihi turbos, bigger is better, the legacy is noticeably bigger, and has to be worth the to 40bucks that one can be had for. at around 1600 bucks for the tdo4 turbo alone, i thnk the legacy is great bang for the buck upgrade.

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$600 for a TD03/04 hybrid, eBay.


Edit: Pleadies is correct. I could have had an almost brand new TD04, WRX unit, for $140 on sat....but it was sold already.

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