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jelly man

85 gl wagon rear alignment

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I just purchased a new set of tires for my 85 wagon. The old ones wore out in about 15 k miles. The rear tires wore all the way through the steel belts on the inside while having enough tread on the outside to meet inspection easily. The guy at the tire shop showed me the alignment on the car. It's toed out .7 degrees on each rear wheel for a total of 1.4 degrees of toe. The adjustment only allowed for .08 degrees of correction. He said he sees this on gl wagons a lot. Since this is supposed to be a common problem I thought someone on the board might have a solution. He suggested slotting the 3 holes on the outer arm or getting a cammed outer arm bushing. Any ideas? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

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Try loosening the three bolts on the trailing arm and pulling it out and re tightening the bolts or slot the holes to make room for adjustment. Maybe put washers on it or somthing of that effect.



Keep an eye open for your rear wheel bearings, when mine failed it was toe in out neg. and pos. camber. basicaly the direction traveled affected wheel (turning left, right, etc.)

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