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Coolant temp sensor didn't fix my hard starting issue, why?

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I put in the engine coolant temp sensor, and my car does the same thing? It is really hard to start on mornings, always when it is cold. I will let it turn over up to 10 times and it mights stumble, but not start at all and then when I release the key it backfires. This happens maybe 2 times a morning, then I try it again, and it won't even click over. So then I usually wait 5-10 minutes and can usually get it after a few tries. Maybe it's the mileage.


I have a MY93 Impreza L 4EAT EJ18, w/ 206,000 miles


Any help woul be great!



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I'm not sure why you thought changing the temperature sensor would help this problem. Your car may have a cold start valve and that would be a good possibility, if it does.


How are your plugs and wires? These could be a problem if they are old. Since you are getting a backkfire, you should check your timing.


The problem with the no starter action may be due to bad battery connections, worn starter solenoid contacts, or worn brushes.

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