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Just a recent rattle that I'd like to track down. While idling or driving I get a funky rattle (sounds like just between the engine and dash, but I don't think it's actually THERE) between 2500-3000 rpms. The kicker is it totally goes away if I hang on to the shifter.


I'm thinking something has loosened up, but have no idea what. Is it important, and should I try to fix it myself or have the mechanic look at it?

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as i recall, 97's and 98's have a problem that was supposedly addressed in an endwrench article (which i can't find at the moment). you get the rattle while in gear and it will go away when you hold the shifter. i believe the solution was different for the two different model years.


i replaced the bolt that was called for in the endwrench article for the 97, but it didn't help a thing. my plan is to eventually switch to the short throw kit, but i haven't had a chance to find out more about it.


as for how critical it is, don't worry about it. many people have had the problem, and it is not doing any damage to the car...

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