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i'm new here

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I did spend some time on my car


The left taillight was broken , and i did not like the way how they tried to fix it.

I did find a good one


Looks much better , and i did chanched the wiring from the third breaklight.

Whit gearbox in 'reverse' and my foot on the breaks it did'nt work


Was painted black , did removed the paint from it : looks much better with the doorhandles.


Excuse me for my bad English

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Sunday april 8 we visited some friends in Enkhuizen , a 225km trip from Emmen ;) and back home , so 450km that day

We used the loyal and he did it great!!

First long ride since i own the car..


A pic on the road who splits the Ysselmeer in 2 parts , the last 30km to Enkhuizen.

The day after a subarufriend wants to see the oldtimer , for an hour we had the most beautiful parking in Emmen and surrounding area :)



From left to right : Impreza 2.0GL awd MY99 , Loyale 1300dl MY84 and Impreza plus 1,6gl MY94 :-p



Also funny to know : the owner of the gray impreza is 4months younger then the Loyale :)

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Thanks Rene, I really enjoyed the ride!

You're welcome!!

Same ride but with my red 1990 loyale ( EA82 engine ) with my dog on the background..

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2 weeks ago the loyal gets 4 new tyre's , after that he passed ok treu the yearly inspection :)

So i did some work on the car : rust prevention!!



Starting rust fixed


Old newspapers :)


Like new!!






Shall fixed it too , the doors have some small damages , let that fixed to by professionels..





Also brandnew , no rustdamage at all , so for a 28 year old car in pretty good shape!


In the near future the car will get some fresh engineoil + filter , new airfilter and 4 sparkplugs :



Original subaru :clap:

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Hi folks..

After a long time i have something news to tell :



Driving this car since september this car : Impreza 1,6TS 2005 AWD

Before this car i had a gray 1999 impreza 1,6gl awd saloon..



My 1984 loyale is still alive and kicking : 33 years old and 105000km at the odo stil runs great

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