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Body 1983 GL Wagon
Engine '93 Legacy EJ22 with SJR adapter and drilled XT6 flywheel and clutch

Transmission RX FT 4WD Dual range 5sp, center locking diff, XT6 3.9 Ring and Pinion, 23 spline axle stubs, and complete seal kit

Suspension 4" SJR Lift
Wheels 15" Alloy Pugs with repro lug nuts and Firestorm Winter Force tires 

Misc Ebay UEL OBX Header with custom exhaust, rear disc brake conversion, custom drive-line with "Jerry's Kit" cross-member, mounts and shifters, RX Clutch style LSD converted to 3.9, power window conversion. power remote mirror option added, tinted side windows, slant radio console,

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BODY - 1989 XT GL

ENGINE - Frankenmotor 1995 EJ22e w/1997 EJ25D Block w/OBDII plug

TRANS - 5 spd push-button 4wd

SUSPENSION - to be continued...

WHEELS - 1997 Chevy Z71 directional alloys - redrilled - 16 x 7 with 205/50-16s

MISC - Delta Cams 220 grind / LUK XT-6 clutch




This car will likely be for sale soon due to my poor financial situation. :(

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89 GL

1990 EJ 2.2

XT6 5 lug swap

2013 BRZ radiator w/ expansion tank

Outback wheels

2x Spal thin 12"in straight blade fans. They are pretty loud when both are on. you only need one fan with this radiator.

SJR adapter plate

Boss 2in lift w/ 2008-2013 WRX coil overs.(front)

Stock rear suspention.

Firestone winterforce tires 205/60/16


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Body: 1986 Subaru BRAT


Engine: EJ25D block, EJ22 single port heads, Delta Cams (torque grind), Stainless steel UEL headers, Under drive pully, K&N drop in filter, JDM EJ25D injectors, Forester oil cooler, NGK plugs and wires, Red top Optima battery


Transmission: 3.9 XT6 R&P, RX gear set, 1.59:1 low range gears in an RX case with FT4WD and diff lock, XT6 clutch kit, Custom one piece drive line,


Interior: removed carpet and all stereo stuff, rubberized the floors, installed early model Legacy seats, added some switches and push button start, B&M shifter, Isuzu Trooper inclinometer,


Other: Duel smoke stacks, trailer tongue box installed in the bed, BOSS 3in lift, Rancho rear shocks, BOSS front and rear bumpers, rear disc brakes, LSD rear differential, Front wench, AA 15in rims, Boxed and reenforced EA82 control arms, EA82 front Axles (widen the front wheel base), Welded and reenforced front radiator support, Custom grill, Custom taillight and front corner marker protectors, Big mud flaps, Duel yellow KC fog lights, Added power steering (EA81 rack and JDM EJ pump),


























See more images here: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3920753/1986-subaru-brat/

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Board Member: philoftheblanks

Body: 1987 GL-10 wagon (turbo)

Engine: 1992 JDM EJ22

Transmission: Dual range 3.9 from non-turbo

Rear Diff: Converted 3.7 to 3.9 LSD

Suspension: 2" lift from Subaru Bill

Wheels: 14" Peugeot

Tires: 25.5" Hankook iPike winter tires

Sound: Pioneer USB 4X50 Watt, with 200 Watt amp driving a 12" Pioneer sub (amp mounted in rear corner pocket)


Cooling system is fed through original EA radiator, using original fan flipped upside-down and switched to driver's side to avoid V-belts.

Engine and transaxle subframes dropped 1" to remove stress from suspension and CV axles, also helps remove positive camber.

Used stock EA82T fuel pump.

Added relay to starter solenoid circuit after problems developed with consistent starter actuation.


Next: fix falling headliner!

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ill toss my project inot the thread, granted, im nowhere near done yet. hoping by this summer though...


Owner- subyrally

Body-  85 BRAT

Engine- 2002 WRX- EJ20

Trans- 2002 WRX

Other- 2002 WRX front suspension and x-member. 2008+ WRX Rear suspension. LSD unit from an 86 RX. AccessPort ecu tuner. Headers, 3" turbo back exhaust, TurboXS fuel rails, Deatchworks injectors, stage 2 clutch, 2000 rs seats, and im sure there is more...


should be fun once i get it all put together.

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Body: 1987 GL-10 wagon (carbed)

Engine: 1990 EJ22

Transmission: Dual range 3.9

Suspension: 2" Boss lift

Wheels: 15" Jeep Wagoneer Slotted Mags

Tires: 27" Cheap winter studded tires(for now)

Exhaust: haven't gotten it done yet, but planning on 2" or 2.25" from the cat back, into a high flow turbo muffler. may get some headers from infernofab at some point but damn$$$...



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Greetings from Finland!

OWNER:Longtail brat


Body: 1987 Subaru BRAT


Engine: EJ20 closed deck block, STI v3-4 polish and ported heads, custom valve, Navalinea sport custom head gasget, cps racing pistons High CR, PO metal H-beam rods(Made in finland), ACL bearing, Hi-volume oil pump, Unorthodox Under drive pulley, Exedy racing clutch, Holset HX40 super turbo.DIY exhaust manifold, 60mm HKS wastegate, orginal legacy turbo oil cooler..

Transmission:4.444 Impreza type RA tranny, Custom two piece drive line, R180+custom drive shaft.


Interior: removed carpet and all stereo stuff,
rubberized the floors, installed momo seats, roll gage, many many other things...


Other:Longtail model, only in finland. Brakes on progress, XT6 rear hubs and front impreza knuckles..

Wanted:XT6 rear hubs 5x100 :D

Here is old pics.. -> http://jtmedia.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Events/1+mile/Kovastiajotapahtuma+Lappeenranta+4.9.2010/

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To add to my collection


88 Subaru Vortex / XT AWD


5 speed turbo box with diff lock in an EJ casing


EJ22 OBD 1 powered




how it looked when I bought it



how it looked  when we finally got the engine in



A recent photo with a 2 inch lift and 14"s



Sitting on the beach





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Good job on the swap! I like the picture on the sand too.  AKA "The Sand Wedge" :D


Thanks thats what it was primarily done for,  runs down the beach to go fishing or just to hang out and enjoy the view and swim :)


Toonga, that is a great looking wedge! I really like the way it looks with the lift. Good job!


We had to drop the engine 2 inches, so the hood would shut and we have only put in the strut lift. so the rest of the body / running gear sits up a bit higher.



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1990 Loyale

96 Legacy ej22

Harness, flywheel, and adapter plate by Gloyale

5 spd dual range

Rear discs

ADF front 4" strut lift blocks

SOS Fab for the rest of the 4" lift

225 70 15 Grabbers on 15" Peugeot wheels

Yakima Loadwarrior with extension


And a bunch of other random stuff




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just a quick question for anybody who has information on this, iwant to swap the EJ20 Engine and 5speed Manual Gearbox in my Subaru Outback/Liberty Wagon 1999 model, it has selective AWD. I want to replace it with an EJ20 Engine from a Subaru RX Impreza Wagon 1998 model, 5 speed Gearbox with only 2WD. I have added some photos of both harnesses which might help. The 99' OUTBACK/LIBERTY engine harness has  "1x14 pin(brown) + 1x19pin(white)" plugs, while the 98' RX IMPREZA engine has "1x6pin(white) + 1x8pin(grey) + 1x16pin(grey) plugs.  Is there an adaptor plug that I can purchase or do i need to get something made up or swap engine wiring harnesses (which i am trying to avoid doing)?. I also noticed that the ECU plugs(both located on passenger floor) are also different on these 2 models, any information/help with this conversion would be great, also how do i confirm what size the engine is 2.0l-2.2l- 2.5l?  They are both EJ20 engines and im pretty sure they are both Australian models (i bought them both in Australia) 

                                                                                          Thanks in advance          



I am putting a EJ20 engine and gearbox out of a  "1998 SUBARU RX IMPREZA wagon"   into a   "1999 SUBARU OUTBACK/LIBERTY wagon"....

I have tried changing the Intake Manifolds with Engine Wiring still attached but the Intake Manifolds are different in size.

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BOARD MEMBER: themixtoo

BODY 83.5 Turbo Brat


TRANSMISSION: 4EAT 4.11:1 from '96 Legacy

SUSPENSION: 3" custom lift w/hidden roll bar

WHEELS: 15" stock subi's.... maybe I'll use my 16's off my 2.5RS

OTHER MODS: Removed upper side rails and center piece between Fun Tops..... now it's a Targa

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Several of us have done it but no posts about it. Mine is a low budget beater hack job with a 2.2 obd 1 backed up by a 3at auto in an '83 Brat. I used parts that for the most part I already had. I only spent about $300 cash on the project. Before I get trashed on the 3at I have to have an auto and it has held up to 5000 rpm shifts for two years.

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who knows of a way to fit a tri link in the rear of a brat along with 96 civic adjustable struts. also along with this the best way to get the power train off of a 95 legacy to mesh up with the body of a 83 brat? pm me

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