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1988 Gl Value Part 2/pics

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Here we go again.....





Now I just sit back and wait for the "hero" of this drama..........


Come on Caleb!!!!!!!!


Sorry Tim, looks like you get me instead!


This whole saga smells of BS. I am not faulting you for putting that much money into a Loyale. But to brag about it is rediculous. It also sounds like this isn't the first time you have been called out. How about taking a different approach to the forum and try settling in before you try to impress those who have actually rebuilt/restored the vehicles from the ground up. When I saw rust repair I expected to see holes at least. Clearing surface rust has been done by just about everyone here. I will not beat you up in public like others have done(this time).


Just try to fit in. One rump roast in the family is enough!

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