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GM PassKeyII Bypass How-To

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If you happen to own a GM with the PassKeyII system, you've likely had a problem with it. When they act up, they can be INFURIATING!:dead:


Here's how to "go around" the system. 1st off, this really won't work to steal the car, as there are 15 different resistor combos, and you STILL need the key to start the car. BTW this only works with the version that you can see the resistor in the key.


Tools/supplies: Resistor(s) of the proper OHM rating, Small buttsplices, wire cutters, crimping tool, Heat shrink tubing.


1. Take your OEM key to Radio Shack. Have them measure the resistance across the "chip"


2. Pick up a pack of resistors that matches the reading you got earlier. This may require 2, or 3 resistors in series to make the exact resistance you need.

+-5% Mine required 2. While you're grabbing parts, get a pack of the smallest buttsplices they have. All told you'll get out of there for under $10


3. Under the dash, on the steering column, you'll find a harness in an orange cover. There will be 2 small white wires in it. Trace this to the connector in the dash harness. Unplug the connector. NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE CAR WITH THIS UNPLUGGED! This will strand you for approximately 30 mins while you do the relearn procedure.


4. Here's where it gets scary. Cut the wires that go back up the column leaving approximately 2" attached to the plug.


5. Open the resistors, and buttsplices. Trim the leads on the resistors until they fit into the metal of the splice, but don't leave any lead showing. If neccessary connect all your resistors together first. Then strip back the wire on the plug. Connect one end of the resistor pack to one wire. Slide the heat shrink on, then connect the other end to the other wire. There isn't a right, or wrong way to connect this. It just reads the resistance. Slide the heat shrink up over your connections, and shrink it with your favorite method. I like to use my lighter.


6. Plug the connector back into the dash harness, then start your car. If your resistance is right, enjoy knowing that you can now go to Wal-Mart & get your keys, instead of the stealership, or a locksmith.


7. Finally button up your repair by securing the wires under the dash with a zip-tie.


This may help someone else out there with luck like mine.

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