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85 Tan Brat with Factory Roll bar and A Bar $500


Food for self and other driver $125


Gas for both autos during trip $210


Temporary Transport Tag $5


600+ mile trip one way from KY to VA

(Do the math on the return trip for total miles)


Room at Country Inn Suites for one night $90


Look on Manager's face when I pulled out the discount coupon from the rest area hotel/motel coupon booklett for $40






Thought I would start this thread to give updates and pics on the progress of my new Brat! More to come in the next several weeks!

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So far here are a few things I have noticed:


The rebuilt axles that were installed definitely have a problem. Vibration is intense and noisy when first taking off at low speeds 5-10 mph. Once Brat gets up to 45+ it only does an occassional "jerk" and "pop" along with it. At the 60mph mark (when I could hold that) it was non-existent.


After driving it to the DVM for a tempoary tag and stopping to get gas, the clutch went out...would not go in gear. I tighted up the clutch cable and it was fine. Had to do this several times on the way back. This happened on my other 86 Brat. I replaced the clutch and cable on that one because of the issue. What's the deal? Does the cable itself stretch? Need to research this more and any knowedge from you guys is appreciated!


When turning in a parking lot for example, the right front axle/boot area makes a loud grinding/poping noise...sounds like the CV joint but the boots are new and intact.


The oil was low, added about 2 quarts before taking off on the return trip and noted there was much oil on the underside-as is expected with soobs....when stopped to eat, oil noted to have dripped out onto parking lot-nice size puddle.


The glass is intact, no leaks I could notice.


The cab/front is actually realatively rust free, except for the rocker panels...as compared to the bed, which has your usual Brat rust areas in the wheel wells, also along inside bed in various spots.


Interior has an electrical issue, there was an aftermarket radio placed in it and i see wiring sticking out the side, so I hope that can be fixed.


Basically, I'll hit the Axles (MWE axles I think), oil issue and then the clutch. Just depends on what parts I get first.


I have plans to eventually take the roll bar out and realign it...it was bolted in crooked and it is rubbing the cab on the passengers side.


More to come...pics will be about 3 weeks in coming...I am back in NM now finishing my contract with my job, but am going to hit the Junk Yards here for soob parts before I go back to KY!:cool:

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Yeah, NM....I've seen numerous rust free or virtually rust free older soobs here....I'm amazed, being from KY I do not see them in this shape! I plan on hitting the JY's this week to see what they have.


I'll keep you guys posted on what I find here in case anyone needs anything.


This isn't related to my Brat update, but why start a new thread until I find something good here...?

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Went to the U Pull It yard this am after I got off of work....spent 4 hours looking over the yard. No Peugots, but many, many soobs. I scored 2 of the 3rd Eyes with grills, one of them has the shutter shattered but the other is totally intact. These will be going on my 85 and 86 brats. Also snagged a round metalic gas cap door and hardware off of an 86 hatch. Look for my post in the Meet and Greet about parts transport from NM to Ky later this month....

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Well they help with the visuals at least :grin:


Gee, like that is not obvious...and I will be putting ones up-just felt like posting until I get the pics up.:rolleyes:


Like I said, pics are coming...so if you want to see them, you'll have to wait. Kind of difficult when the Brats are several states away. The eyes I just snagged today and had not slept for almost 24 hours so pics of those where not on my priority list.:grin:

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