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I have just gotten my car rust protected with an oil spray solution. After this process was finished by my mechanic, I found that my power locks became a large problem.


The symtoms are:


-turning on any electrical component in the car ie: turn signal, radio, heater causes the locking system to try and lock itself, and the "door ajar and dome lights blink on and off for a second"


-the keyless remote on my keychain does not operate properly any more


What I have done so far to try and clear up this problem:


I have parked my car indoors to try and "dry-out" the electrical components.


-I have run a hair dryer onto any electrical components I can see under the hood including the fuse panels.


-I have pulled out the door lock fuse and put it back in (this seems to calm down the system a little)


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what relay circuts I should look for to try and troulbleshoot this more?





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Welcome to the board.:wave:


Your keyless box should be under your dash/or behind the glove box? The oil shouldn't have reached your interior areas?


Is there any oily wires/connectors? That would be the first place I'd look.


Your keyless box should be up under your dash on the drivers side. It should be a 3x3x1 black box attached to the firewall/wheel well area. Some others have them in back of the glove box. Is the box oil free?


A grounding wire could be causing your greef.

A broken ground in any of these systems could cause feedback to one of the other systems?


Good luck,


82 Hatch, well it use to be........

01 Forester, still is..........

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I can't offer you any advice really, but I'm curious as to what you had it sprayed with. I see you are in Canada. Typically, people go to Krown or Rust Check. There are also others though.


I've had annual Rust Check sprayings on all my vehicles since the mid 80's. I bought my 97 OB at 2 yo and have been doing it annually. I've never had any electrical issues to date. In fact, the Rust Check oil is suppose to displace moisture and if anything, be good for electrical items.


Hope you get it sorted out soon.



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Guest lothar34

That kinda sounds like it could be a bad ground. Did they have to disconnect and reconnect any grounding wires when they did the procedure? Maybe a grounding point got coated and isn't making a good connection anymore.

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Since a good rust protection involves spraying inside every door (where there are contacts) and darn near everywhere else...

this could be a real drag to find.

I would take it back to the place that did the rust protection and say you get to fix this.

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