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Loyale windshield washer fix

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Here's how to plumb a universal washer pump without exhuming the stocker from the fenderwell:)20-2008, 03:51 PM

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Re: 92 Loyale windshield washer

GD, thanks; you're right. For anyone else out there with a bad Loyale washer pump, the red/white power and black ground wires can be accessed through the same hole in the fender well that the stock pump outlet hose comes out of - just aft of the airbox. I needed long-nose pliers to grab them, but there's enough slack in the main harness to allow about 3" of wire through the hole. I cut them and mounted a new Trico Universal washer pump right next to the airbox and spliced in the red/white and ground wires. The stock hose fits the Trico inlet, and I used the hose that came with the kit for the outlet. No need to go inside the inner fender liner and remove the old pump, the Trico pulls right through it and is a pretty decent unit. Model 11-100 (or WP-300) at your local parts store, around $20 including hose, wiring, and bits and pieces. And get this: it's actually "Made in U.S.A."!!!:grin:

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