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Originally posted by kenfb1



She's a beaut! How's she handle in the snow? Are those OEM wheels? They look like steelies with covers.



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So far, so good in the snow this year. We had two pretty good storms so far and I haven't spun the wheels at all yet, even going up some pretty good hills around here.

I bought a tire and wheel package from tirerack.com this year.

I got Kumho 205/70-15in winter tires, oem 15in steel wheels and the wheel covers for a little over $400 delivered and ready to mount. I think this was a great investment. My stock alum. wheels are nice and safe in my garage and as a bonus I use one of them as my full size spare if needed. Even if I only get two years out of the winter tires I think it's worth it. The tires were only $45 each!!


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Sweet looking...just like mine! I have the same car, but just put on 205-75-15s. Needed a bit more clearance. I'm in Idaho, and our roads have snow on them from now until March or April! Love the Soob! In fact my in-laws just got a steal on a 93 Leg. Wagon for $500! They are in love with the car. Drive through snow banks, up hill driveways that have not been plowed, and anything for a challenge, just to see if it can make it. Gotta loe the Subarus!

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