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duty solenoid A replacement, early 4EAT

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89 GL-10 wagon FT4EAT

TCU trouble code 11, duty solenoid A (line pressure) is faulty

Hard jolt when shifting also in evidence.

I will first check the harness and the wiring for the 3 ohm resistance the DS coil should have then...

This DS is located on the top of the valve body.

Has anyone been brave enough to pull the valve body down?

19 bolts hold it up???

Looks like the accumulator springs (3) are all I have to keep track of----but ........ I'd like to hear real life expierence talk.

Thanks for any help.

A bath in ATF is always phun.

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Most excellent, yes, I need the solenoid that is located on the top portion of the valve body.

I can scan a pict of how to get to it

Please email me if this tranny comes your way


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