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weird passenger side "pull"

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I was coming home from Maine this weekend in my 93 loyale fwd and I heard a clunk and it pulled to the pass. side for a whole sec and then it was fine. I was on 89 north about 45 min from home and I noticed the tires sounded louder then normal. I have four studded snow tires on it so it was pretty loud for me to notice it. It was a humming and at first thought it was the road surface then I realized if I turn the wheel to the pass side it would go away. All this is happening at 70 to 75 mph. I got off the highway and this is when it got fun. It keep doing it now it would clunk and pull two and three time in a row. I pulled over checked my tire and looked to see if there was any rips in the cv boots and tie rod boots. No rips nothing in the tire so I pull on the tire and it's a little loose like the tire rod might be bad. So now I'm scratching my head is it the tie rod or maybe the wheel bearings? Any feedback would be great.:cornfuzz:

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