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lifter noise in a 2.2 after HG job

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Okay, here is the scenario. I bought a '94 legacy last week and was told that the engine had overheated and the car was parked. The owner had a mechanic look at it and was told the HG was bad. I took the engine out and found a frozen water pump. I decided to do the HG job anyway and overall the parts replaced were; the head gaskets, the water pump, Timing belt and a new clutch. I also replaced the front main seal and the valve cover gaskets.


Upon replacing the engine and starting it, I now have a lifter tick. I took it for a short drive, but it isn't licensed, so I couldn't go far.


My question is whether or not these engines have hydraulic lifters. There was no noiseprior to the work being done, so I need to know if you all have any ideas for me to explore. Do I need to do a valve adjustment or should I just run the engine with seafoam in it?


Thanks in advance


By the way the engine has 140k on it and even with the tick has plenty of power and no CEL codes.

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Hi. Yes you have HLA's in that engine. I think Subaru says you have to run at 'high idle' for 30 minutes or maybe it's an hour to make that noise go away (reprime lifters). Or you can pull the lifters and prime each one but that's a pita.


I have a '94 legacy too, not the best in body shape, but man that thing is pretty quick. I love how she sounds when she's winding out around 6200 rpm.

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