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Hello all- and attn Zap, Mike W

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Hi guys. It's been ages since I've posted or been in touch.


I've moved twice.. been in a house now since last fall. Finally have a garage set up again- and everything out of storage etc.


Zap - Sorry if I was a pretty bad flake before disappearing. Looks like I've got 2 helicoil kits that are yours. One that I had used for stripped head bolts ages ago- and one for exhaust studs. Shoot me an address and I can ship them to you- or we can work something out.


Mike W- Still have a weber that belongs to you- Think I had brought it along to the last WCSS I was at (2-3 years ago?) and failed to see you.

PM me and we can sort something out..


Finally working on a soob again.. hatchback I picked up from Jerry (hi Jerry). Started work on it last year (!)on the side of a rental house in Prosser.. was interrupted by buying a house, things that are supposedly more important- "real life" stuff.. back in the swing now that I've spent some time setting up a shop though. Feels good. Think I forgot how much I enjoyed these machines.

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Coupe eh? Niice!


Yes.. things are much much better and have been..


Out in the tri cities area. No internet at home so I hit it up at the library. Tough because sometimes access is limited to a half an hour, and I need to make it when they're open obviously. I've snuck on the forum now and then to check out what's up but feel pretty outta touch.

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