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Guest remarcable

I broke down and took it to a mechanic to get a few things done, and they found a coolant leak when doing a radiator flush. It's way back behind the timing cover so they couldn't see exactly where it was without removing everything in the way.


I told them to leave it alone for now (I'm broke) but to make a note of it and continue with the rest of the work (plugs, atf flush, coolant flush, brake lines, brake flush, power steering flush, etc etc). I started doing the work myself yesterday, but between the fire ants, mosquitos, and the insane heat I decided to let someone else sweat it out.


How worried should I be? Headgasket failure?

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Guest remarcable

I got the car back and WOW am I ever pleased as to what $500 worth of service can do to a vehicle. I'll be paying Mr Mastercard for awhile, but I think it was worth it.


-Coolant flush

-Power Steering flush

-ATF flush

-SS brake lines and bleed with ATE Super blue


-oil (this is only the 2nd time someone other than me has changed the oil)

-cleaned gunk from battery terminals (I didn't want to touch that stuff, I get chemical burns way too easily).


The car actually starts on the first try now, shifts are really crisp and solid, and steering is back to being silky smooth (well.. with the exception of my worn swaybar bushings). The car just purrs.


Torque bind is also gone... for the moment. It seems to come and go every few weeks on its own though, so I doubt this had anything to do with it.


I looked at the coolant leak and it is just a few drops every now and then from behind the timing belt cover... I think it is the seal going into the thermostat but it's impossible to tell exactly where it is without removing a bunch of stuff.

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